Multiplies capacity of building on the same footprint

  • Triple the storage on the same building footprint
    • Cranes can operate to 12 levels, tripling normal storage capacity.
    • Cranes operate on rails in narrow aisles, maximizing useable warehouse space.
    • Computer tracking allows random storage of product.
    • Random storage allows use of every available space.

Significantly reduces labour costs

  • Computer-controlled warehouse 24/7.
  • Computer provides automatic stock control with each product movement.
    • Improves stock control and saves time.
  • Computer sends crane direct to product within seconds of order.
    • No human intervention is required
  • Crane brings stock to order picking and quality control station.
    • Adds speed to these processes.

Eliminates Forklifts And Humans From The Storage Area

  • No Humans or Forklifts operate in the storage area.
    • Eliminates forklift injury to humans and damage to structures, fittings and product.
    • Eliminates any possibility of theft of goods in storage.
  • Forklifts break down and are expensive to maintain.
    • Downtime causes delays and increased labour costs if staff can’t work.
    • Labour and forklift costs will no longer dictate warehouse operations.

Significantly reduces liability

  • Forklifts produce dust, noxious gases and rubber particles in the storage environment and are often the source of occupational health and safety claims.
  • Work cover
    • Eliminates safety issues by removing people and forklifts from the danger area and provides a high security environment for the goods stored.
  • Public liability
  • Shrinkage insurance

Significantly reduces shrinkage of product

  • Sealed warehouse allows 24 hours / 7 days a week, control of humidity and temperature.
    • Reduces evaporation caused by low humidity and high temperatures.
    • Eliminates breakage caused by human error.
    • Eliminates any possibility of theft.
    • Eliminates light and UV damage of product.

Energy Reduction

  • Sealed warehouse allows maximum control of humidity and temperature 24/7, minimizing evaporation from low humidity and high temperatures and reducing energy consumption.
    • Eliminates light and UV damage of product.
    • Product is protected from heat, light, low humidity and fluctuating conditions.

Improves Quality Control capacity

  • Computer instantly accesses complete data log of each item.
  • No more unreported staff ‘interactions’ with your product.