We have the only crane in the world which can pick up and deposit a closed bottom (Australian) pallet on & off selective racking without the need for fork-entry bars.

  • We can provide ‘Automated Systems’ in place of ‘Sealed Warehouse’.
  • Full range of Stacker Cranes: Straight aisle, Loop or aisle changing cranes in single-deep or multi deep.
  • Can provide ‘Sealed Warehouse’ suitable for General Storage or Controlled Environment.
  • Pallets / Barrels / Boxes stored independently with immediate access to each. No Block Stacking – No damage.
  • Immediate access to each item at the click of a button
  • Automated ‘Order Picking’ Brings the Pallet to You.
  • Computer-controlled cranes – no human error.
  • No humans, no forklifts – cost savings over time.

… results in less shrinkage, less cost, better quality and therefore more profit.

Automated Warehouses - The System

Technical documents are available including specifications with costings*. Please Contact Us for more information.